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high temperature compensating conductor
  Product Overview

Description of products:


The technique data of this product comply with IEC584-3 and GB4985-85 standard  .


It is used as galvanothermy compensating conductor in some factories and mines (such as electric power metallurgy ,petroleum ,chemical industry and textile industry )and temperature measurement-control system in research departments .

The compensating conductor is easy to operate moisture-proof ,fire-resistant ,acid and alkali-resistant ,high temperature-resistant and non-aging and shield can protect it from other elements .

Use temperature:

Type fire-resistant and temperature-resistant: FF-GS  -40~+250

Type fire-resistant and temperature-resistant: HF4B-GS  -40~+380

Common type: -20~+100

Representation for types, names and specifications

The graduation combination of this product is used in type S,R,B,K,E,J,T and EA compensation conductor used with thermocouple .

  Series origin
Series: High temperature extension wire
TEL:+86-577-61600670 Fax:+86-577-61600662 E-mail :wrlong@wrlong.com
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