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high temperature FEP cable
  Product Overview

Description of products:


Rated temperature:-60~+200    AC rated voltage:600V

Conductor is used in single or stranded wire(0.12~100 mm2 )    of tin-plated ,silver-plated or bare copper .

Insulation is used in FEP(F46)

Shield is used in the tin-plated , silver-plated or bare copper braid wire(0.1~0.12 mm2 )  

Insulation resistance between core wires (20) more than 105Mwm

Permissible bend radius of cable: not less than 6 times of OD of finished cable .

The length of delivery should not be less than 10 meters and the quantity of short delivery should not be more than the quantity of 20% of all delivery .

Use range

Industrial and mining establishments, such as metallurgy , petroleum ,chemical industry ,railway and power plant .

As the connecting wire of various electric appliance , meter and automatic device in the condition of high temperature and in bad environment(such as acid ,alkali ,oil ,low temperature)

Used situation:: AC rated voltage 450/750V or below is under control and monitor and protect circuit .

Electric wire specification: We can take special order and take 2 cores for example as follow .

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Series: High temperature FEP cable
TEL:+86-577-61600670 Fax:+86-577-61600662 E-mail :wrlong@wrlong.com
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