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200℃ FEP
  Product Overview

Description of product:

instruction :

Rated temperature: 200   AC rated voltage:600V

Conductor is used in single wire or stranded wire (0.08~50mm2 )  of tin-plated ,silver or bare copper .

Insulation is used in FEP(F46)

Color: red\blue\white \ yellow \green\brown\black\grey \transparent

It is corrosion-resistant and almost impossibly soluble in any organic solvent and it is oil-resistant , less high-frequency loss , moisture-proof and has big insulation resistance .Also, it is incombustible ,non-aging and durable .

The length of delivery should not be less than 8 meters and the quantity of short delivery should not be more than the quantity of 20% of all delivery .

Use Range

          It is used in air-conditioner , microwave oven ,electric products ,lighting sets ,electric heater ,oven ,electric factory ,various motors and so on .


  Series origin
Series: FEP insulated wire
TEL:+86-577-61600670 Fax:+86-577-61600662 E-mail :wrlong@wrlong.com
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